About aj

We know how the wind blows.

With experience of more than 35 years, 6 wind consultants and more than 5000 projects we are one of the largest teams in Germany. Being passionate experts, we are using  cutting-edge methods to make sure that our clients are provided with the necessary planning reliability.





In January, aj received the accreditation certificate by DAkkS for the areas wind resource assessments, wind measurements, assessment of site quality (according to the German EEG law) and assessment of turbulence intensity. Through this, aj, who is known for circumspect and deep analyses, managed to operate quality management also for its project specific and experience based approaches.


Since early 2016, anemos-jacob GmbH appears under the trademark aj. In February 2016, Prof. Dr. Jacob quit as managing director in order to be able to concentrate on her new positions as director of GERICS (Climate Service Center Germany) and as professor at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.


The limited company anemos-jacob GmbH was formed in 2003. Dr. Daniela Jacob and Herbert Schwartz became its managing directors.


Due to its excellent reputation, anemos-jacob faced a strongly growing demand from the year 2000 onwards. This initiated a substantial growth of the company.


In 1995, she founded the succeeding company anemos-jacob.


Dr. Daniela Jacob created the independent company anemos together with two other meteorologists in 1990. There, she completed more than 200 wind resource assessments for sites in all parts of Germany.


The team of aj


Herbert Schwartz

Wind consultants

Dipl.-Ing. Roger Dorweiler
Dipl.-Ing. Friderike Gebhardt
Dr. Kerstin Haberkorn
Dipl.-Met. Michael Krupski
Dipl.-Met. Michael Völtzer


Matthias Postels

Secretary’s office

Manuela Brinkmann


Uluna Ginting
Jens Paulsen